Mari Kaplas

I am Mari Kaplas from Haukipudas which is located near Oulu. I have been competing in agility, obedience and working trials since 1986.


with Japanese Spitz Lippe

  • the first Obedience Champion of the breed
  • Finnish Show Champion

with Belgian Shepherd Tervueren Devi

  • Finnish Agility Champion
  • Finnish Obedience Champion
  • Finnish Working Trial Champion
  • Finnish Show Champion
  • the first quadruple champion in Finland

with Australian Kelpie Cisy

  • Finnish and Swedish Agility Champion
  • International Agility Champion
  • International Show Champion
  • Agility World Championships 2000, 5th place
  • Finnish Agility Team Championships 2001, 1st place
  • Nordic Agility Championships 2001 and 2004, 2nd place
  • Finnish Agility Championships 2002, 3rd place
  • Nordic Agility Team Championships 2004, 1st place
  • member of the Finnish national team in agility in 2000-2004

with mudi Saima

  • Finnish Agility Championships 2005, 1st place
  • Finnish Agility Championships 2009, 3rd place
  • member of the Finnish national team in agility in 2009
  • Nordic Agility Championships 2009, 2nd place

with Australian Kelpie BC

  • Finnish Agility Champion
  • Finnish Agility Team Championships 2010, 2nd place
  • member of the Finnish national team in agility in 2011
  • Nordic Agility Team Championships 2011, 2nd place

I have attended the agilty instructor courses I and II, a basic course in mental coaching and an agility official course. I have also attended many seminars by top trainers and competitors from all over the world.

I have been an agility instructor since mid 90's. I have coached groups of dogs and handlers of different levels and given seminars in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Japan. I have got a lot of experience also in obedience and working trials.

A big part of my hobby is keeping my dogs fit and healthy. I have gotten acquainted with comprehensive welfare of dogs. That includes feeding, hydration, recovery, balance and coordination training – everything that affects the optimal body usage while working. My goal is to have the dog's body endure the stress of the competitive career as well as possible and I start building up the basics from early puppyhood. The dogs in our family have been able to compete on international level at even 10 years of age. I think the life-long maintenance has got a lot to do with it.