Several people from abroad have asked training possibilities in Finland. We have taken twice a year a week, where all the people from abroad can come at the same time.
Next International Training Week will be from Monday to Thursday 8th - 12th of January 2024.

Participants can choose on which days they will train. Maximum they can choose is six trainings for one dog during the week. One training session is 5 hours for 10 dogs.
All trainings are in big field, 60 m x 20 m.

During the week we are teaching OneMind-system (dog's perspective in agility) in course training. You can read more about it
Coaches in this week are: Jaakko Suoknuuti and Janita Leinonen.


Trainings will be kept in OneMind Dogs Arena in Kaarina, close to Turku, 160 km from Helsinki. OneMind Dogs Arena is an inside arena with an artificial grass. The arena is heated to 16 C during winter time.


The nearest accommodation is hostel Tuorla. It's 4 km from OneMind Dogs Arena.
Hotelli Kivitasku is 9 km from OneMind Dogs Arena,

If you want to stay in a good hotel with awesome possibilities to walk with your dog, you can choose hotel Caribia. It's 16 km from OneMind Dogs Arena.
In airbnb all these accommodations are under 15 minutes driving from OneMind Dogs Arena.


Importing dogs to Finland from EU countrys

Importing dogs from non-EU countrys

If you want to fly with your dog, in Finland you have to fly to Helsinki and from there it's 160 km drive to Kaarina.

With a car you can drive either through Sweden and take a ferry from Stockholm to Turku: Viking Line or Silja Line.


Six training sessions for 7 dogs in a group:
Monday morning 10.30-14.00, Monday evening 15.00-18.30
Tuesday afternoon 12.00-15.30
Wednesday morning 10.00-13.30, Wednesday evening 15.00-18.30
Thursday morning 10.00-13..30


The whole week, includes six training sessions 425 €
(345 €, if you have a company with EU VAT-number).

Auditing spot 145 e (120 e, if you have a companyt with EU VAT-number).


You'll find Finnish competitions here. When you click "ilmoittautuminen" (entering), you find there "English form for foreigners".

Trials "close" before and after training week:

Sat 6th of January, Janakkala
(150 km from OMD Arena, 90 km from Vantaa airport)
Sat 6th of January, Lohja, class 3,
(115 km from OMD Arena, 55 km from Vantaa airport)
Sun 7th of January, Janakkala
(150 km from OMD Arena, 90 km from Vantaa airport)
Sat 13th of January, Turku, classes 1-3,
(5 km from OMD Arena)
Sat 13th of January, Vantaa, class 3,
(170 km from OMD Arena, 15 km from Vantaa airport)
Sun 14th of January, Turku, class 3,
(5 km from OMD Arena)
Sun 14th of January, Vantaa, classes 1-2, (170 km from OMD Arena, 15 km from Vantaa airport)

Competition classes:
Toy dogs: under 28 cm / 11,02 inch (only for dogs from those countries that have this height)
Small dogs: under 28-35 cm / 11,02-13,78 inch
Medium dogs: 35 - 42,99 cm / 13,78 - 16,92 inch
Small large dogs: 43 - 49,99 cm / 16,93-19,68 inch (only for dogs from those countries that have this height)
Large dogs: 50 cm or over / 19,69 inch or over

Class 1 = Beginners class
Class 2 = Advanced class
Class 3 = Masters class


Training sessions in OneMind Dogs Arena: Maalarimestarintie 1, Kaarina.


You'll find the entering form here.


Estonia 2
Hungary 1
Switzerland 2