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"When you take part in a Janita & Jaakko seminar, you will meet not only extremely dog wise people with clear and consistent system of very effective agility handling, you will also have a rare opportunity to meet two beautiful personalities. Their personal approach, kindness and tireless effort to explain all details of sometimes complicated cooperation between dog and handler on the agility parcour, let you truly understand "obvious" principles of their ONEMIND - handling system. Their seminar was the most intensive "How could I ever do it differently?" opinion for me.

I also like their "dog first" philosophy, which make handler to think about agility more from the dog's point of view. It was really a pleasure for me and my wife to spend time with Janita & Jaakko and discuss all kinds of interesting topics. I am looking forward to see them again, so Finland Ho!"

- Michal Krejci, Czech Republic

"First I want to say, that we - Lisa & Michi - are your biggest fans!!! We are grateful to have got to know you! It is great to have found somebody with the same setting about the whole dog-education! You have not only a huge knowledge concerning Agility, but also in the general dog-education...this is, unfortunately, rare and we love it!!! Thank you also for your great trainings, your honest opinions, your engagement and your patience!!! We are looking forward to see you again soon!!!"

- Michaela & Lisa Brandstetter, Austria

"Before I knew the "finish Agility-Style" I had a very poor dog. Very often he didn't know where to go on the course because the information he was getting from me was too late or I wasn't "there" right in time. He was irritated and much of barking was the answer.

After the Janita & Jaakko training, I know words like "critical points" and a lot technical stuff like "tandem-turn", "flippi" (I like very much!!!), "whiskey-turn" "FFC", "backlap". The most important key (for me) was to change my perspective to look on the course and to learn it step by step with the patience of J&J.

Now I have a very happy dog on the course (when I'm in time at the critical points), he is back to running full speed and being sure which obstacle is coming next. No more barking at the (bad) handler anymore.

Happy dog = Happy Handler = Fun with Agility.

And last but not least J&J give me the key to keep out the fear, which was MY final mental barricade. Kiitos, kiitos (Thanks!) so much!!!

First I (on my own) didn't see the way we're changing our "Agility-Style" until a friend came to a competition and said, that she had never seen us so harmoniously any time before. Since then I knew we arrive. Finally all the participants from our dog-club HSV Dortmund-Wickede-Asseln (from the summer camp 2011) still go on training the ONEMIND -style. The DVD's helps a lot and we can advice everybody to "run like a fin". It is so much fun for the dogs and a amazing feeling for the handler.

Looking forward to see you again and do some training and of course face-to-face philosophize about Agility, dogs and more. ;o) Hugs, Ilona & Leeroy"

- Ilona Rinke, Germany

Janita and Jaakko are extremely dedicated and inspiring to work with.

To me Janita and Jaakko are doing groundbreaking work in analyzing the movements of agility handling and the handling's effect on the dog's speed and efficiency. This allows them to be highly specific in their tuition, helping me to understand my body language in much more detail. It opens the possibilities for me to plan my run with greater precision, less strain on both myself and my dog and ultimately more speed.

On top of introducing me to complete new handling maneuvers, I think Janita and Jaakko are collecting and creating a detailed language for agility handling, naming a lot of moves, which to me earlier were either unconscious or simply variations of the same handling. I find that having names for all the different variations of moves makes it easier for me to generalize the moves.

A common language like this, I think, is vital to the development of agility in a larger perspective. We need to know what we are talking about to develop.

- Vivian Nielsen and DKagCH DKagCH(jumping) FINagCH FINagCH(jumping) DKobCH Asasara Explosive Shiatsu, Winner Dania Cup 2011, Danish National Team 2011, Denmark

"It's a pity Janita & Jaakko live so far away because they are very respected and welcome in our country (CZ). In 2010 at their first seminar here I saw situation I had never seen at seminar before. People rushed to take a pen and paper! Janita was talking about the basic principles of ONEMIND -handling system. Shortly, understandably and very exactly. J&J are very analytical, aware of every movement in agility to obtail the best possible performance. Their seminars in 2010 and 2011 in Havlovice helped me a lot to improve myself."

- Pavel Košek, Czech Republic

"Our experience with Janita and Jaakko's seminar (november 2011) in Buenos Aires, Argentina was far beyond what we expected. The ONEMIND -method is clear and accurate. Both, Janita and Jaakko are great teachers besides of great persons, always giving their best for every guide (from the very beginners to the most experienced) to able to learn the techniques properly and improve themselves each time. They always have a very logical answer to each question or doubt we had. They showed us how to move better but most important they taught us how to think better. We would love to have them back someday."

- Mara Morales, Argentina

"Very glad I am writing about the seminars which I attended with Janita and Jaakko in the Czech Republic, August 2010 and August 2011. Both seminars for me were absolutely fascinating, discovered me totally different world of agility. World, where every step and every movement of the handler and his dog fit together like a puzzle. It is a world full of logical and actually quite basic (but forgoten) conduct that just really great works, even in run with forty obstacles.

Both the seminars and especially Janita's developed guidance and methodology of ONEMIND - system absolutely fascinated me, I'm grateful that I got this opportunity and so much hope that I will get it again in the future. And of course it is still a huge inspiration for me every video that Janita publish and especially their work with young dogs, I have no words..."

- Barbora Štouračová, Czech Republic

"The J&J seminar in Argentina was not the first seminar most of us had taken, but it had been highly anticipated and looked forward to for months .. until the day came. Not to say I didn't have a high expectation on you and what you were going to teach us, but in my humble opinion, it surpassed any other seminar I've assisted to. Although I'm aware the seminar was not free, I've taken quite a few seminars and yours was, by far, the one that left a really long-lasting impression on me. Not only is your ONEMIND -method clear and astoundingly effective, but you are also very much patient with every one, and my first expression on you was: "Wow, these people have really sat down for hours to watch and analyze Agility" (because, yes, when we start this sport, it all seems really easy from the outside and at first we think it's all "played by ear").

I think you have, at least for me, taken agility to a whole different level, made us think about our movements and how to make them more precise and understandable for our dogs. You have an ability to communicate/transmit your method I've never experienced before, really. You able to answer all questions and doubts in a comprehensive, didactic way (speaks really high of your teaching skills), but also teach us some priceless rules about handling and technique, invaluable for any Agility Handler who wants to take their agility to the next level. To me, it changed my views on the sport, on what to focus on when we run the course, how to make good choices, work on my own body awareness and how to make my handling clear and easy to read for my dog. Lots of homework, indeed! So, congratulations are in order, for being wonderful teachers. I will be forever thankful. The seminar was ALL that we had been looked forward to, and way more than we've ever hoped for. I truly wish this was not the last time we see you on our country! Thank you guys!!"

- Sofia Garcia, Argentina

"What I like most about Janita and Jaakko is their huge understanding of how dogs work and their ability to use this to perfection in their training and teaching. They see every detail of how the handler's movement affects the dog and can solve all "problems". Technically their way of handling is so easy and natural for the dog to read and predict the next move. Also they have the understanding of motivating the dog to perform fantastic through the way they reward/reinforce.

Just as fantastic their handling is when they run agility themselves, just as fantastic they are to teach others. I love their lessons (which I have had both as a complete beginner and later more exsperienced), that motivates me as well to perform my best and make me every time a better handler. It is so much fun and eyewidening every time. They can always explain why they do what they do and gladly share it, have great patience and sence of humor. Looking forward to see them next time I go to Finland."

- Mette Damgaard Sørensen, Denmark

"We all here are extremely glad (astonished may be the word) with these videos you have recently uploaded to youtube. They are very motivating and teach us a lot. I watch them again and again and I can hear you and Jaakko teaching us why to do this or that movement, about the six important things for dogs in handling, about the obstacle commitment and about the importance of lines. Many thanks for sharing those videos and many thanks for being such marvelous teachers."

- Darío Bentancur, Uruguay

"Your seminar was a very wonderful one full of so many ways of handling and many basic trainings. We got to know many many ways of turns by your seminar, and we still learn them through the video. We were also much impressed that you and Jaakko taught your way of thinking to one by one so carefully and so hard. We've never been in such a nice seminar. I do hope I'll be able to get your seminar again."

- Harumi Matsuo, Japan

"Janita and Jaakko are one of the best trainers and handlers I have ever met. The handling logic is very harmonius and easy for the dogs. I enjoyed the trainings so much, the parcours were amazing and really nice to run. I'm very impressed from both of you. Kiitos!"

- Krisztina Kabai, Germany

"Thank u for an fantastic seminar! I just have to send you a big hug. This agility seminar was the best seminar I ever have been to. U and Jaakko are so great teachers. Giving us a very good understanding of what agility really is about. Thank u so much for good instructions. Big hug from Monica and Ben"

- Monica Tellnes, Norway

"I would like to ask you to deliver Jaakko my thanks for his seminar here in Hungary, Esztergom. It was very good, interesting and fun, I learned a lot from him. If he'll have a seminar in Hungary again, I will be there! Best wishes, Judit and Torres"

- Judit Vágó, Hungary

"The only one seminar what I did recently was of you and Jaakko, because you are so precise and consistent with your handling system, which is almost the same what I use. I think, you know everything about agility, and your courses are always very exciting."

- Anna Eifert, Hungary

"It was so nice meeting you and Jaakko first in Dortmund and then in Bad Hall. Your lessons were really fantastic. Now my Miniature Schnauzer Ari and I have got a lot of homework to do. With me giving clear and simple directions it's definately more fun for him. Thanks again!"

- Daniela Ronzon, Germany

"I was very happy to join the seminar, because you taught us kindly and in details.

I enjoyed and very understood. I believe the agility handling has grown wider!

Thank you! Chikako &momo & Q"

- Chikako Yoshida, Japan

"Hey, it is YOUR fault that I am looking as crazy for any possibility how to get to Finland...well, at least for another super great training. KIITOS"

- Eva Lacnakova, Belgium

"You are both very calm, understanding and pleasant teachers. Thanx."

- Anja MacNeill, Norway

"I have participated over the years several times to Janita´s and Jaakko´s agility seminars and have tremendeous respect for their training methods. Their seminars are always carefully planned and they also have great educational skills how to teach people. When judging it is always a pleasure to see competitors using tecniques of ONEMIND -method effortlessly negotiate demanding sequences on the agility course. Their way of doing agility has suited me and my dog perfectly and has enabled us to succeed. They have given me the confidence and belief I can achieve great results in agility with very high drive dog."

- Anne Tammiksalu, Estonia